Students' Ratings of Their College English Instructors Before and After the Issue of Grades·


  • Amanuel Gebru Lecturer, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature


A study was conducted into the reproducibility of first
year students' ratings of their College English instructors at Addis
Ababa University Social Sciences College , Official Addis Ababa
University Teacher Evaluation Forms consisting of 30 close-ended
items classified into six evaluative units were administered to 4
randomly selected first year sections of Col/ege English 1, before
, course grades were released and after they were issued i,e, in the
late first and early. second semesters. Multivariate Analysis of ·
Variance (MANOVA) showed evaluation scores were significantly
different in all 'sections and across aI/ evaluative variables,
Considerable differences also occurred between 'grades expected
and gradf!.S earned. However, there was no correlation between
mean class grades expected or earned and mean class ratings
given. The implications of the major findings are discussed as they
relate to College English and the Addis Ababa University ·situation.