Editorial Team

Editor in Chief

  • Dr Meron Zeleke

(Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow, Center for Human Rights, AAU)

Managing Editor

  • Dr Mekdes Tadele

(Assistant Professor, Center for Human Rights)

Advisory Board Members

  • Addisu G/Egziabher

(Former Chief Commissioner of Ethiopian Human Rights Commission)

  • Biniyam Mezmur

(Associate professor, the head of the Children’s Rights Project at the Community Law Centre, University of the Western Cape)

  • Dagnachew B. Wakene,

(Regional Director, Africa Disability Alliance (ADA) PhD Candidate at University of Pretoria)

  • M/rs. Meron Argaw

(Former Executive Director of Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association)

  • Dr. Wolfgang Benedek

(Institute for International Law and International Relations University of Graz)

Editorial Board Members

  • Adem K Abebe

(Editor – Constitution Net International IDEA Constitution Building Programme, The Hague)

  • Emezat Hailu

(Center for Gender Studies, College of Development Studies, AAU)

  • Sehin Teferra

(Co-founder and Managing Partner of Setaweet)

  • Teshome Emana

(Assistant professor of the Department of Social Anthropology, AAU)

  • Womdemagen Tadesse

(Assistant professor, Center for Human Rights, Addis Ababa University).

  • Zemelak Ayele

Associate Professor, Center for Federalism and Governance Studies, AAU