About the Journal

The Journal of Ethiopian Law is a scholarly publication devoted to publishing
unsolicited original scholarly submissions that make significant contribution to or
bring new insight as regards the understanding, development and implementation of
the law applicable in Ethiopia. The Journal accepts scholarly works of any genre:
doctrinal, empirical, interdisciplinary, critical, socio-legal, feminist, historical, or
comparative scholarships pertaining to the broad spectrum of legal, economic,
political, social and technological issues arising in relation to Ethiopian law and
related international law.

The Journal invites the submission of unsolicited articles, essays, case comments, book
reviews and comments on law/legislation. The Journal also invites opinions/comments
in response to articles, essays, case and legislation comments, book reviews and notes
appearing in the Journal within the last year. Such opinions/comments should be brief
(about 5 pages). Selected opinions/comments will be edited with the cooperation of the author and published.