Word Break Problems in Hadiyyisa Orthography


  • Samuel Handamo


This study attempts to examine problems of word break in relation to language
standardization efforts in Hadiyyisa, thereby, it might contribute to the development
of the language. The participants of the study were students at Wachemo University
and Hossana College of Teachers Education. Second and third-year students were
selected purposively from the target educational institutions since they might be well
aware of language standardization issues. The study utilized mixed methods to
collect and analyze data. The research was based on linguistic data that was obtained
from both primary and secondary sources. The main data gathering tools were
document analysis and dictation. Using these data gathering tools, the major
problem areas in orthography standardization particularly in connection with word
break were described. Accordingly, the findings show that there are word break
problems in areas such as conjunctions, demonstratives and possessive pronouns,
numerals, negative particles, compound words, converbs, clauses, and emphatic
words. To come up with sound word break decisions, a systematic set of guidelines
should be developed and implemented by the Hadiyyisa language planners,
particularly the standardization committee. To achieve this purpose, the zone and
relevant institutions should form a legislative entity that works on language
standardization issues.
Key words: [word break, standardization, Hadiyyisa, orthography, spelling]



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