Demographic and Socio-Economic Determinants of Social Life Practice in Condominium Neighborhood in Addis Ababa


  • Deribe Teshome (PhD)[1] Yeraswork Admassie (PhD)[2]



Condominium housing project has been traditionally studied in its narrow sense as built-environment. But this article contends that housing is more than the bricks and mortar that comprise the constructions within which people live. Alternatively, situated within the broader context of socio-spatial approach, this study investigates the demographic, social, and economic determinants of social life practice in condominium neighborhoods. To this end, the study depends on a survey of 1210 households and in-depth interview with 21 residents in 13 randomly selected condominium housing sites in Addis Ababa. The findings revealed that the majority of households do not have neighborly relation as gauged by any of the conventional forms of social life practice in Ethiopia, including, mutual support in time of misfortune, participation in neighboring family-festivities, holidays, and paying visit in time of sickness. The finding further showed the transformation of housing typology from detached single-family dwelling to multi-storey tenement changes not only housing physical design, but, also reorganizes residents’ demographic, social, and economic compositions at neighborhood level. The logistic regression tested statistically significant negative effect of these dynamics on household social relation. The paper concludes with major findings that the apartment residents mostly share just physical space rather than social space. The study recommends design intervention, community open spaces, children’s playground, turf sitting out areas, and walkways that promote residents’ opportunity for social interaction around home.

Key words: [Condominium housing, Addis Ababa, determinants of social life, condominium neighborhoods, social engagements]






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