Reflections on the Trimmed Roles of Research Institutes at Addis Ababa University


  • Mulu Nega Assistant Professor, Institute of Educational Research,


Higher Education, University, Research, Teaching, Nexus, Linkage, Synerg


t: This article aims to examine critically the recent policy changes at
Addis Ababa University (AAU) concerning the downsizing of the traditional
roles of research institutes as part of the newly introduced structural reform by
the university. Conquering the traditional teaching and research nexus in
universities, Addis Ababa University denies its research institutes the right to
own and run teaching programs. The article considers the pitfalls of putting
teaching and research apart, and explores a range of strategies that the
university can adopt to enhance the teaching and research synergy,
particularly at the postgraduate level. Based on a review of the debates and
experiences of other countries, documentary evidences on teaching-research
nexus and key informant interviews, the article argues that research institutes
are the appropriate places to promote and enhance the interconnections
between teaching and research, particularly at a postgraduate level. Finally,
the article suggests key mechanisms for organizing the teaching and
research wings in research institutes in order to optimize the joint functions of
the two wings at Addis Ababa University.