Socio-economic and Environmental Effects of Tourism in KonsoTerrace and Cultural Landscape, Ethiopia: Perception of Local Communities


  • Abdibeshir Said
  • Engdawork Assefa


tourism, terrace and cultural landscape, UNESCO world heritage, perceplion, Konso


Tourism is a huge induslry, which is a Source of immense bene fils 10 the host
communities and damages to their socio-cultura! and environmental aspects.
The local communities ' perception of these impacts is also a vital subjecr that
defermines their involvement in the development of fhe seCfor. This study was
conducted to assess the perception of Konso-Karat communities, in Southern
NaliOns Na/ionalities and Peoples' Region of Elhiopia, aboul the socioeconomic
and environmental impacts of lOur ism in Konso Terrace and Cultural Landscape,
which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Ethiopia. The data for the
research were collected using questionnaires, inlerview, observalion and
consultation of documents and literatures. Dara were analysed using descriptive
stalistics like frequencies and percentages of each response, a I-test and ANOVA.
The study revealed that much of the benefit accruing from /ourism goes 10 a few
individuals, mainly those who have direct contact with tourists. However, the
majority of the community is very pleased with some impacts of tourism, like
taking pride in their culture, strengthening cultural heritage preservation,
publicising the local Konso culture to the reSI of the world. and building the
posilive images of Konso as a magnificent lourist allraction. On the other hand,
Ihe study showed that the sign of infuriation against the impacts of tourism in
broadening rural fa urban migration, criminal acts, marerialising some of their
cultural values and aggravating school drojXJuts. The result also indicated a
growth in their resentment on the role of tourism in exacerbating Ihe cost of
living, expendilure of locals, and congeslion and crowding of selliement. 1he
benefit from the tourism. more than any other factors, has shaped the perception
of loca! community members. Hence, in the endeavour to allain sustainable
lOurism development with socioeconomic sustainability in Konso, every
stakeholder should take the necessary steps to reduce the hazards and maximize
the remunerations.