A Multidimensional Approach to Measuring Rural Poverty in Kewet District, North Shoa, Ethiopia


  • Abenezer Wondwossen
  • Bamaku Alamirew


Multidimensional poverty, deprivation, MPL Ethiopia


This article analyses the multidimensional aspect oJ rural poverty in Kewet
district, Ethiopia using the Alkire Foster method oJ multidimensional poverty
analysis and Logit model. We collected primary data .from 245 households
selected through stratified and proportional random sampling procedures.
Findings reveal that the poverty head count is 0. 812 whereas the intensity and
multidimensional poverty index stand at 0.50 and 0.41, respectively. Findings
fort her indicate that the greatest contribution to multidimensional poverty comes
.from deprivation in years if schooling (21. 8%) followed by deprivation in child
enrollment (11. 3%) and child mortality (10. 5%). Thu~ policies aimed at targeting
poverty should consider its multidimensionality.