About the Journal

Established in 1974, the Ethiopian Journal of Development Research (EJDR) is a bi-annual journal dedicated to serve as an avenue for sharing useful findings in the multi-disciplinary areas of development, focusing on Ethiopia in particular and the developing countries in general.

EJDR publishes original peer-reviewed articles that navigate through wide areas and themes of development and which pass rigorous double-blind peer-reviews. It also publishes short communiqués, synopses of major researches, dissertation abstracts, book reviews, and evidence-based commentaries, which may have both theoretical and empirical contents drawn using scientific methodological approaches. As such, it is an avenue for scholars, scientists and researchers in development who aspire to share and promote knowledge and reflect on research results that contribute to scholarly debate on the economic, social, political, and related issues of development in Ethiopia, and elsewhere; articles that inform, and at best influence, development policy, decision, and practice, focussing on challenges and opportunities of development in Ethiopia.

EJDR has Editorial Board and Editorial Advisory Committee members containing senior academics and researchers drawn from a range of disciplines.

Regarding scope, EJDR covers diverse and multi-disciplinary fields of development, articles emanating from researches that used rigorous methods and materials, articles focusing on Ethiopia, the rest of the developing world, and the developed world in that order of priority; and articles navigating through a range of themes and sectors: social, economic, political, environmental; sectoral, national, global, sub-regional, regional, global, etc.

Audience is mainly academia, researchers, policy and decision-makers, and development practitioners. It is also accessible by graduate and post-graduate students.

Logo of the Journal: It uses the AAU Logo, and considers the entire Front page of the Journal as its identifier