About the Journal

The purpose of JBAS is to provide practitioners and scholars opportunities for research based debate as well as discourse in the fields of finance, economics, marketing, and public and development management and governance and related fields, disciplines and professions, particularly, as these relate to Ethiopia. JBAS is a bi-annual journal published by St Mary University. The first and the second issues of the journaL are published in June and December of every year respectively. JBAS is a nationally accredited journal by the Ethiopian Ministry of Education since 2021.

JBAS is a peer-reviewed bi-annual journal published by St. Mary’s University (SMU) and dedicated to the promotion and production of knowledge through the scientific methods of enquiry to achieve independent analysis as well as collection, processing and interpretation of data. Cognizant of the complementary functions of transmission of knowledge (through teaching) and the conduct of scholarly inquiry (through research), SMU has aggressively been promoting publications of journals and conducting conferences for well over a decade. On one hand, while SMU recognizes that its faculty staff, academics and practitioners in the country possess a wealth of untapped scholarly and research potential. On the other hand, we believe that this immense potential has not been realized due partly to lack of resources and partly to the absence of a reliable outlet (i.e. journals). This concern has prompted the academic leadership at SMU to launch JBAS. JBAS shall hopefully fill the vacuum created by the absence of outlets in the realm of business, economics and administrative studies in the country. The purpose of this Journal is to provide practitioners and scholars with a forum through which they would get opportunities to publish their research based debate as well as discourse in the fields intimated. Equally important, it shall offer insight into developments in the fields bringing Ethiopian realities under purview.