Call for paper publication

Bule Hora University Journal of Indigenous Knowledge and Development Studies (JIKDS), the Open Access Journal, plans to publish its journal, Volume 06, Issue 01. Thus, the journal is looking for qualified scientific papers to be published. Therefore, we would like to make a call to researchers, academia, and policymakers to submit their papers to our journals.

The priority will be given to the papers that fall under the journal’s thematic areas which include indigenous knowledge, agriculture, mining, business and economic development, human and social development, quality education for sustainable development, and other related themes.

The authors should meet deadlines and comply with the formats and requirements of the journal as provided in the author’s guide. The author’s guide and submission forms can be accessed through our journal’s website (

Important deadlines:

  • Paper submission:                                  05/01/2024 – 05/02/2024
  • Notification of results:                            06/02/2024 – 10/02/2024
  • Publication:                                              01/06/2024 – 30/06/2024


Submission procedures: the authors should submit their papers online through this link ( or the email address of an editor (

For any clarifications, please contact us. 

                                                         Contact addresses:


Tinsaye Tamerat (PhD) R/C/S/V/President           Cell phone (+251)   0912110235                          

Jara Muda      R/P/D Director                               Cell phone (+251)   0921896985