Seed tuber cutting improves tuber yield of potato (Solanum tuberosum L,) varieties under irrigation conditions in Dangla district of Amhara Region, Ethiopia


  • Addisu Muluken Negash Injibara University, College of Agriculture, Food and Climate Science, Injibara, Ethiopia
  • Tesfaye Melak College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
  • Semagn Asredie Kolech Amhara Region Agricultural Research Institute, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia



Belete variety, Half-large tuber, Tuber size, Tuber yield


Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) is an important cash and food crop in Ethiopia. However, lack of planting material and improved varieties are among the major factors affecting its productivity. Therefore, an experiment was conducted at Gayeta Kebele of Dangla district, Awi Zone, Northwestern Ethiopia to study the effect of seed tuber cutting on yield and yield components of potato varieties under irrigated conditions.  The experiment consisted of two improved varieties (‘Belete’ and ‘Jalenie’) along with one local variety and two tuber size categories and their half cuttings (whole large tuber (>75g), whole-medium tuber (39-75g), half cuttings of large tuber and half cuttings medium tuber. It was arranged with a factorial combination in RCBD with three replications.  Phenological, growth, yield and quality parameters were significantly affected by the main factors (cutting and variety). Whole-large and half-large tuber sizes and Belete variety showed superior performance on marketable (38.24 t ha-1) and total tuber yield (40.26 tha-1) over the rest of the tuber sizes and varieties. The combination of Belete variety with whole-large seed tubers recorded the highest net benefit 261,516 ETB ha-1 with an acceptable marginal rate of return (113.6%). The second highest net benefit (247,001.3 ETB ha-1) with an acceptable marginal rate of return (2566.67%) was recorded when Beltete variety was planted using half-large cut tubers. Hence, Belete variety with whole-large seed tubers, and half-large cut tubers could be recommended for resource-rich and poor farmers, respectively, for the production of potatoes under irrigated conditions in Gayeta kebele and areas with similar agro-ecology. Repeating the research in different seasons and locations is also recommended.