The Potentials of Information Technology in Education


  • Wakshum Mekonnen Lecturer, Institute of Educational Research


The two major approaches to the classroom teaching are commonly
known as: teacher-centered instruction and student-centered
instruction. Teacher-centered instruction is the traditional method that
does not encourage students' participation in the teaching-learning
process. Contrary to this, the student-centered instruction method is
based on the intensive participation of students in the process of
teaching-learning . The student-centered instruction is primarily
supported by the application of information technology (IT), which is
supposed to be one of the main components of the student-centered
instruction. The current trend is a move from teacher-centered to the
student-centered instruction. Why is the move required? How does
information technology affect the learning environment? What are the
problems that hinder the progress of IT in education? What will the
future education system look like? These and other issues dealing
with IT in education are to be reviewed in this paper. In particular, this
paper will treat technology as a tool to help students accomplish a
complex task rather than a subject of study