Institutional Capacity and Preparedness to Current Higher Education Trends, KCTE Trajectory Discourse



Kotebe College of Teacher Education, capacity, preparedness, trajectory discourse.


This paper analyzes the long tradition and present capacity of Kotebe
College of Teacher Education in terms of both human and material infrastructure.
This is done in light of current legal provisions of Ethiopia and elsewhere. Following
this lived experience in the area of teacher education, legislative provisions, and
geographical situatedness, it is argued that the College can better contribute to
access and quality education to Addis Ababa City and to that of the country as a
whole. To that end, data on its capacity and preparedness were garnered from
documents, stakeholders, and professionals. The data heeds to a concluding
remark that given its capacity, tradition, legislative provisions, access demanded,
and observed experiences, the College be elevated to a university of some sortState or City State University of Addis Ababa.