Normative and Institutional Limitations of IGAD’s Peace and Security Framework


  • Micheale K. Gebru
  • Getachew Zeru
  • Kejtil Tronvoll
  • Yohannes Takalign


Horn of Africa, IGAD, normative and institutional limitations, regional peace and security, peace and security framework


The purpose of this article is to examine the normative and institutional constraints that exist within the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development's (IGAD) peace and security frameworks. Despite IGAD's broad mandate to maintain regional peace and security in the Horn of Africa, this article claims that the organisation has yet to develop a comprehensive regional peace and security framework. As a result, the contribution of IGAD has been limited. Meanwhile, the region remains one of the most conflict-ridden in Africa. In this study, a qualitative research approach was used. Primary and secondary data were gathered through in-depth interviews, newspaper articles, and online resources. The data was investigated using qualitative discourse analysis and content analysis. The findings indicate that IGAD lacks robust and comprehensive normative and institutional mechanisms for effectively maintaining regional stability.