Prevalence and Determinants of Death from Tuberculosis Meningitis at Ethio-Swedish Children's Hospital

  • Tenaye Tadesse
  • Berhanu Gudena


A retrospective Descriptive analysis was made of 92 cases of Tuberculosis meningitis (TBM) admitted to Ethio-Swedish children's hospital in years 1989-1998. Diagnostic criteria included cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) pleocytosis, increases CSF protein, exclusion of other bacterial meningitis by gram stain or culture, suggestive radiographic changes and clinical course and history of exposure to tuberculosis. Thirry five patients were less than 5 yrs old or 5 yrs old. The commonest presenting symptoms were fever, vomiting, and cough, the most frequent physical signs were disturbed consciousness and meningeal signs 5 I pt had been exposed to tuberculosis. Forty of the chest radiograms had suggestive of tuberculosis, sixty parents came from low economic status and low educational background. Five patients were taken home against medical advice; 43 died in the hospital, 26 (57%) of the discharged patients had different types of neurological sequelae.


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