Academic Dishonesty among Higher Education Students in Ethiopia: An Article Review


  • Sileshi Chemir Department of Foreign Language and Literature, Wachemo University


Academic Dishonesty, Academic Integrity HEIs, Students, Plagiarism


This study examined academic dishonesty in Ethiopian higher learning institutions (HEIs) using narrative systematic review approach. Academic dishonesty is currently a big challenge and a growing concern of higher learning institutions around the globe including Ethiopia. This practice has become very serious with a far reaching implication particularly when university students are involved in such misconduct. The study thus tried to identify the root causes of academic dishonesty, the most common forms of academic dishonesty, together with proposed strategies to overcome the challenges by using proactive and reactive strategic approaches. Locally available literatures were reviewed and thoroughly synthesized to achieve the study objective. The findings showed that high rate and range of academic dishonesty is being practiced in Ethiopian HEIs particularly in terms of academic cheating and plagiarism. From the findings, it is concluded that there is an urgent need for instituting academic integrity in institutions of higher learning. This calls for a collaborative and integrative approach among all the stakeholders involved in rendering a doable solution (both proactive and reactive) to curb the situation.