Reading comprehension learning skills from reading Related to comprehension


  • Edris Abay Delilu Lecturer 'Arbitration Teachers' Education College
  • Ashenafi Tesfaye G/selase Lecturer 'Arbitration Teachers' Education College


The purpose of the study is to learn reading comprehension skills in Amharic Examine the relationship between reading and comprehension in education. The students In 2000, in Benishangul-Gumuz Region, Powe Special Woreda, District 2, Village 2 High School Amharic is their second language of enrollment in the ninth grade They are students. High, medium and low based on pre-school test Organize 18 pairs with equal or equivalent scores by scoring Divided into two groups: Identifying the groups by lot Done. Then the test team read and understood To teach skills clearly In the text prepared, the control team in the text, which does not include the talents, in the text You have learned to read and understand for three hours (five weeks). Data collected for the study Equipment includes pre-school, post-school exams, questionnaires, reflections and daily They are notes. The data collected are also organized according to their relative size Quantitative, on average, on standard, special T-tests, and in class Related display formulas are calculated and analyzed. The qualitative data They intervened with the measurements and analyzed them in detail. According to the analysis, they also learned the skills If students do not learn the skills, they will achieve excellent reading comprehension. as well as Those who learned the skills were less likely to improve their understanding of the application. The results showed that there was no correlation between reading comprehension and sex.