Debates in Research Paradigms: Reflections in Qualitative Research in Higher Education


  • Amare Asgedom Associate Professor, College of Education


This paper is a personal reflection of current debate in educational research paradigms. The study never claims an empirical process of data collection, statistical analysis and theory building; as has been the case of the dominant paradigm in educational research in the Ethiopian context. It is rather a modest reflection of my new self, a new development of how research should be carried out and taught in the Addis Ababa University. The style of writing does not strictly follow the conventional research format, but coheres with a highly personalized way of writing mainly to avoid the tradition of the objectivist pretension. As part of the international debate, I have strongly critiqued the scientific method, not only from a methodological point of view but also mainly from a philosophical stand point (epistemological and ontological). Using current literature and my own personal experience, I have shown how the new paradigm is helpful in understanding higher education process and the world at large.