The evolution of hospice and palliative care in Ethiopia: From historic milestones to future directions


  • Yoseph Mamo
  • Anteneh Habte
  • Nardos W/Giorgis
  • Aynalem Abreha
  • Nicola Ayers
  • Ephrem Abathun
  • Eleanor Reid
  • Mirgissa Kaba



Introduction: This article reviews the genesis of hospice and palliative care in Ethiopia, examines recent progress, and makes recommendations for the way forward.

Result:Although the delivery of palliative care in Ethiopia has shown significant progress over the past two decades, it remains patchy, with the interdisciplinary components of psychological, social and spiritual support lagging behind the primarily medical approach.

Discusion: As a pillar of healthcare provision, and in conjunction with health promotion, disease prevention, curative services and rehabilitation, PC awareness and its development should be a high priority

Conclusion: More research on the root causes of lack of integrated services for PC and genuine conversation is required [Ethiop. J. Health Dev. 2020; 34(4):310-312]

Key words: Palliative care, Ethiopia, life-threatening chronic illness, hospice, end-of-life care






Brief Communication/Case Study