How to Study the Asteraceae (Compositae) with Special Reference to the Asteraceae of Fee


  • Mesfin Tadesse The Ohio State University


Asteraceae, Biology, Chemistry, Flower morphology, Review and project ideas, Species.


The Asteraceae is one of the largest families of flowering plants. It includes a large number of genera and species with rapid rates of radiation and possibly also of evolution. Members of the family have also been studied in connection with the effect of climate change on character evolution in plants. Some of the features of the family that have enabled such rapid radiation and possible speciation reside within the group of flowers that are produced commonly at the ends of branches and stems. Hence, an illustrated guide on how to study the morphology, particularly flower morphology, of the Asteraceae is provided to help beginners in plant taxonomic or systematic studies. A review of the accumulated information about the chemistry and biology of the family is also provided. Project ideas, review topics and taxa needing further field as well as laboratory work particularly for graduate level study are included