Contribution of the Ethiopian Flora Project to the Ethiopian Plant Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use


  • Tesfaye Awas Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute
  • Tamene Yohannes


Customary, exclusionary and inclusionary conservation approaches in Ethiopia are highlighted in relation to the historical aspects of conservation in general and plant biodiversity conservation in particular. Currently, plant biodiversity conservation is one of the mandates of the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute (EBI). EBI has expanded its activities from ex situ conservation to in situ conservation since Ethiopia became signatory to the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) with the expansion of its mandates. In this paper, the need of Floras and authenticated plant specimens for conservation efforts of EBI and the contribution of the Ethiopian Flora Project to Ethiopian plant diversity conservation are discussed. Finally, among many joint projects executed by EBI and the National Herbarium (ETH), two are discussed