Single Cell Protein Extraction from Orange Wastes Using Aspergillus Niger Isolate No. 5 Under Solid State Fermentation


  • Tesfaye Alemu Department of Microbial,


Aspergillus niger isolate, Orange wastes, Protein enrichment, Standardization of protein, Solid state fermentation


An attempt was made to optimize protein extraction from
sweet orange wastes (SOW) and orange pulp wastes (OPW) using
Aspergillus niger isolate No. 5 by solid state fermentation. Maximum protein
enrichment of 52.48% and 46.50% were made using the substrates of SOW
and OPW, respectively, on the seventh day of incubation at 30°C. The single
cell protein quantified from the fungus grown on malt extract broth enriched
with SOW and OPW were 23.14% and 21.35%, respectively; whereas the
protein extracted from the growth of the fungus on potato dextrose culture
broth enriched with SOW and OPW were 23.60% and 21.48%, respectively.
The highest production of intracellular protein (70.46%) was obtained from
OPW in comparison with that of SOW in soluble protein as intracellular
protein (65.31%). It was clearly indicated that the standardization and
determination method of protein using SOW and OPW wastes by A. niger
isolate No. 5 has produced the maximum protein enrichment under solid state