The Effect of Covid-19 Pandemic in Ethiopian Online Market,


  • Taye Esayas



Covid-19 Pandemic, Online Market, Social Media Marketing


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the Ethiopian online market. The study found that the majority of respondents had never used the online market before the pandemic, and that more than two-thirds of those who did access social media did not make any purchases. The study also found that using the Internet market in Ethiopia was difficult due to a lack of awareness and inadequate Internet infrastructure. The study recommends that companies that provide services to online markets in Ethiopia focus on creating and designing simpler, easier-to-use platforms that do not necessitate a lot of mental and physical effort to complete transactions. The study's findings are important because they provide insights into the challenges that the Ethiopian online market is facing and the potential opportunities for growth. The study's findings can be used to inform the development of policies and strategies to support the growth of the Ethiopian online market.