About the Journal


As a pioneer and the only police based federal higher education institution in the country, the Ethiopian Police University (EPU) is established with the aim to undertake scientific research (as one of its core pillars) and hopes to make a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge in such areas as criminal investigation; and crime control and prevention. More specifically, the University aspires to carry out quality research thereby cultivating, expanding, preserving and transmitting knowledge pertaining to the profession of police, police organization, and police service.

Objectives of the Journal

The overall objective of the Ethiopian Journal of Police Studies (EJPS) is to advance knowledge in the area of police studies. The journal specifically strives to:

  • Enhance research on crime prevention, investigation and control; and promotion of peace and stability.
  • serve as venue for policy dialogue on community policing, crisis management and peace building;
  • improve the availability of local researches for the policy and security sectors so as to promote a culture of research informed praxis on issues pertaining to conflict transformation and peace building; and
  • Encourage graduate-level and advanced research, by being a preferred and accessible outlet for graduate students and academic staff whose careers require scholarly publication.

Scope of the Journal

The journal accepts publications in the following major Thematic Areas:

Theme 1:   Crime Prevention

Theme 2:   Crime Investigation

Theme 3:   Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology Nexus Policing

Theme 4:   Police Administration and Development

Theme 5:   Police and Nation/State Building

Theme 6:   Policing and Health

Theme 7:   Police Education and Training

Theme 8:   Police Ethics

Theme 9:   Security and Development

Theme 10:  Gender and Policing

Components of the journal

  • Original articles
  • Short communications
  • Review article