Clients’ expectation, satisfaction and determinant factors towards outpatient services deliveries in Ethiopian primary hospitals: Multi-center cross-sectional survey


  • Adeladlew Netere
  • Daniel Asfaw Erku
  • Gizachew Motbinor Alene
  • Derso Teju Geremew
  • Sewunet Admasu Belachew


Key words: Client, satisfaction, expectation, outpatient, primary hospital, Ethiopioa


Introduction: Satisfaction is the measures of clients’ perceived positive feelings on the healthcare services they got after the service deliveries compared to their initial expectations. It is an integral tool which is used to measure the service deliveries. Although it is an integral tool to measure service deliveries, it is quite different across countries. The aim of this study was to assess the expectations and satisfactions of the clients on the outpatient healthcare service deliveries, and the determinant factors in Ethiopian primary hospitals.