Practices and Challenges Postgraduate Students Face in Conducting Research in the Selected Colleges of Arsi University


  • Beshir Ida’o Machesa Arsi Zone Public Service office


  1. The purpose of this study was to assess practices and challenges postgraduate students face in conducting research in the selected colleges of Arsi University. The study used descriptive design. The data collection tools were questionnaire, interview, document analysis and observation. The sampling techniques were purposive, availability and systematic. Findings showed thesis supervision to have lacked supervision policies and research guidelines, supervisory practice was characterized by mismatching in the area of specialization and topic of supervision, mismatch of numbers of thesis supervisors and postgrauate students (PGS). Challenges related to postgrauate students comprised lack of academic background, lack of research knowledge and skills, postgrauate students overlapped office with thesis work. Challenges related to supervisor were lack of attention, workload compounded inadequate supervision, supervisors did not give research guideline for postgrauate students, supervisors provided a delayed feedback, and supervisors were inaccessible to postgrauate students in times of needs. Challenges related to supervisor- supervisee relationship comprised un/friendly relationship, occurrence of disagreements and lack of clear communication, not making pre- discussion with postgrauate students. Institutional related challenges comprised lack of coordination among colleges, departments and supervisors; institutions did not make continuous follow up of advisor’s progress and delay in thesis supervision of students. The study highly recommends that it is worthy to emphasis on the strict implementation of supervision policies and guidelines, postgrauate students academic background, supervisors supervision policies and practices, supervisee-supervisor relationship and institutional related challenges.


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