Management of Traditional Agroforestry Homegarden and its Contribution to Household Livelihood Diversification in Tembaro District, Southern Ethiopia

  • Desta Hamore Arba Minch Agricultural Research Center, Arba Minch, Ethiopia
  • Belayneh Lemage Jinka Agricultural Research Center, Jinka, Ethiopia


Homegarden is more diverse and provides multiple products for farm households. The objective of this study was to record and describe management practices, identifying the contribution of homegarden to household livelihood, assess the structural arrangement as well as factors affecting species diversity of the practice at Tembaro district, Southern Ethiopia. For this study, socio-economic data were collected from 120 households by using semi-structured questionnaires. Structural arrangement data were collected during the field survey. A total of 29 woody species categorized under 22 families were recorded in the homegarden agroforestry of the study area. Woody species richness and abundance were significantly higher (P < 0.05) in richer household than medium and poor once in both study kebeles. Coffee arabica, Cordial africana, Persea americana and Mangifera indica are the most frequently recorded woody species in both sites. The highest diversity indices were recorded at Debub Ambukuna than Sigezo, due to environmental and socioeconomic factors. Species composition depends on the farmer’s preference and attribute of preferred species. This study has identified three different vertical arrangements and 4-6 horizontal compartments in both study sites. The farm households have benefited with different outputs from this practice. To sustain production, farmers carried out different management practices. Each household’s members have been participating in homegarden management. However, women have been involved in more responsibilities than other members in each study sites. Managing species diversity associated with different factors, socioeconomic once are the most determinants. Institutional intervention is important on infrastructural issues in growing and diversifying economically valuable plant species in homegarden agroforestry and to improve the rural community in facility service to encourage the exchange products effectively and efficiently. Further study is needed in management practices of each component in homegarden agroforestry and improvement of production and productivity obtained from the homegarden agroforestry.

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HAMORE, Desta; LEMAGE, Belayneh. Management of Traditional Agroforestry Homegarden and its Contribution to Household Livelihood Diversification in Tembaro District, Southern Ethiopia. Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, [S.l.], v. 4, n. 2, p. 57-68, oct. 2019. ISSN 2616-3721. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 25 sep. 2020.
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