Basic Concepts 'of Evaluation Research


  • dessalegn Chalchisa Assistant Professor, Institute of Educational Research


There are several definitions of the term evaluation . . They differ in the
level of abstraction and the specific concerns of the person who
formulates them.
A comprehensive definition of evaluation was provided by Beeby
(cited in Wolf, 1984) as the systematic collection and interpretation of
evidence, leading, as part of the process, to a judgment of value with
a view to action. There are four key elements in this definition. First,
the use of the term systematic implies that what information is needed
will be defined wJth some degree of precision and that efforts to
secure such information will be based on plans. This does not mean
that only iriformation which ' can . be gathered through the use of
.standard tests and other related measures will be useful. Information
gathered by means of observational procedures, questionnaires