Teachers' Professional Development in Ethiopia through Higher Diploma Programme (HDP)


  • Bekalu Atnafu Taye Assistant Professor, Catering and Tourism Training Center.


: Continuing professional development such as in-service training is one of
the most pressing concerns of all the factors that affect quality of education. On the
other hand, courses taken in higher institutions influence learners very little and any
effect may be ''washed out'' in the first year of teaching (Zeichner and Tabachnik,
1981 cited by Higgins and Leat, 2001). In view of the above points, this study has
been designed to explore issues in relation to Higher Diploma Programme (HDP).
The study was conducted at St. Mary's University College (SMUC) and Kotebe
College of Teacher Education (KCTE). Twenty-five HDP graduates from each
institution, HDP leaders and tutors took part in the study. Two forms of interview and
Focus Group Discussion (FGD) were used to obtain the data. The results of the
study showed that the HDP, although relevant, has had some drawbacks. Based on
the findings, recommendations were drawn.