The Impacts Peer Correction versus Teacher Correction on Students’ Writing Performance


  • Ephriem Tiruneh Assistant Professor University of Gonder, Department of Ethiopian Languages and Literature


The general objective of this research was to probe the role of self-peer correction versus
teacher correction on students’ writing performance. To achieve this objective, grade 9th students
of Fasiledes Secondary School were selected by purposive sampling technique. Data
was collected using pre and post writing essays test, observation and interview. The data
from pre and post writing essay tests were analyzed using descriptive and inferential (independent
sample t-test) statistics; the observation and interview data were also analyzed
qualitatively. The result of this study revealed that there was significant difference (p=00)
between the mean scores of the two groups (self-peer versus teacher) for the post writing
essay test. This indicated that teachers’ correction had strong effect on students writing
performance than self-peer correction. Moreover, the feedback given by peers was found to
be unconstructive and less helpful and hence students prefer teacher’s correction than selfpeer
correction. Therefore, the researcher suggests that students’ writing can be improved if
teachers give accurate and appropriate feedback in a writing lesson.