Comparison of two letters


  • Baye Yemame Professor of Linguistics at Addis Ababa University


This article was written by Emperor Theodore and the monks Compare letters. The comparison is content and format. When the shape is linguistic The content is socio-political, cultural and psychological. The authors subconscious they are. One is the secular emperor and orthodox believer, the other is spiritual A monk and a Tolitan believer. The monk spread the Catholic faith, the emperor They want to maintain the Orthodox faith. This is a power struggle between the two Creates. The letters were written to other authorities behind the two writers. They are a call for help. The call is unanswered: As a result, there is anxiety. As a result, the emperor took action against the monks and their supporters. They expelled the monk; They kill their supporters. Conflict ends in conflict; But It will not be released, it will continue until the end of the emperor. The analysis of the letters is infinite and It is inquisitive. The purpose of the language is to express authority Is to show. The two authorities, the two churches and the two Relations between governments (Ethiopia and France), conflict and reconciliation, the basis It is an authority. Their language clearly indicates this. And religion That world power is nothing more than a protection and preservation Explains. Language is the expression of the idea that the idea is authoritative or When he is powerless. There are many levels of power and authority; The statement The same is true of language. Wax and gold are one.