Pattern of admission to surgical intensive care unit of Tikur Anbessa Hospital for mechanical ventilatory support


  • Kinfu Betemariam
  • Gebreyesus Hagos



Background: Mechanical Ventilation is a supportive measure for patients who are in respiratory failure.

Objective: Designed to identify the commonest pathology responsible for admission to the unit for mechanical respiratory support.

Method: A prospective case study conducted for a period of one year (April     1996 - March 1997) Result: Among the 256 admission to the Surgical Intensive Care Unite (SICU) of Tikur Anbessa Hospital, 122 (47.7%) consecutive patients were on mechanical respiratory support for a period ranging from 2-40 days with a mean duration of 5.4 days. Sixty-six (54%) patients belong to the age group between 16-30 years mainly due to severe head injury (24.6%)or complications of pregnancy (11.5%). Patients are admitted and mechanically ventilated due to respiratory failure, CNS and systemic problems secondary to head injury, eclampsia and sepsis.

Conclusion: Measures to fully equip the set-up with the proper Ventilators, with the desirable modes of Ventilation and other materials like the airway equipments are neededto deal with the commonest pathologies identified, and susceptible group observed assist in providing efficient service. [Ethiop. J. Health Dev. 2001 ; 15 (3): 193 -195]