Bibliography on HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia and Ethiopians in the Diaspora


  • Mesfin S. Mulatu
  • Helmut Kloos
  • Paul J. Converse
  • Mirgissa Kaba
  • Damen Haile Mariam
  • Wubegzier Mekonnen


This fourteenth annual update of the HIV/AIDS literature on Ethiopia includes references to studies covering all major public health aspects of this infection in Ethiopia and in Ethiopians in the diaspora. All references are again listed under eight main headings, as follows: 1) basic biomedical research, 2) epidemiological, behavioral socioeconomic and cultural research, 3) impacts research, 4) treatment, care and clinical research, 5) prevention research, 6) health services and policy research, 7) health informatics and evaluation research and 8) research on Ethiopians in the diaspora. The text preceding each list of references briefly summarizes patterns, trends, and major findings of studies, and attempts to highlight some of the new approaches, concepts and tools used and reported in 2016. As in previous updates, we used a simple categorization approach where a citation appears only in one section. In reality, complex studies cover multiple topics and areas. Thus, we continue to encourage readers interested in any one area of research to review also other sections in this update. Overall, we hope that this annual update will, like previous issues, serve as a resource for researchers interested in HIV/AIDS epidemiology, prevention, control, care and support in Ethiopia and among Ethiopians in the diaspora.